LAVISHY Boutique review & 20% discount code

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Check out their website and use the 20% off discount code at checkout. (valid until the end of August 2014)  WITHLOVELAV0720

You guys, I am completely in LOVE with Lavishy Boutique. WHY am I just now finding out about this amazing website?! If you are anything like me, then you love jewelry and accessories. I received a wallet and a necklace from them and I love them both so much. I have not taken my necklace off since I got it in the mail and I am already using the wallet as well. I have gotten several comments about my wallet and necklace already.

There’s several things that I really love about this website. I love that you can get cruelty free items such as vegan leather wallets (which is what I got). I also love that my necklace is hypoallergenic,  lead, and nickel free. The two items that I got were beautifully detailed and made. All of these items on the website are affordable and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping.

My necklace is adjustable, which is great because sometimes I like wearing them long and other times short. The wallet is small but fits all of the necessities. I absolutely can not wait to go and purchase more items for myself (and friends and family) on this website. This website may just be my new favorite addiction. As soon as I get more items I will do another review. Be sure to check out their website and their other social media pages, I will put the links below. 



Check out their website and use the 20% off discount code at checkout. (valid until the end of August 2014)  WITHLOVELAV0720

Life & Food Garcinia Cambogia Supreme

Well It seems that I FINALLY have found the product that I have been searching for. I believe that I am on my 10th day of taking the product and I am extremely happy with the results that I have seen so far. Let me start out by saying that I have not been eating as healthy as I probably should be while taking this product. I feel that I would be seeing even better results If I was. I also have not been exercising much. I have only been going for walks every few days. When I started taking this product I was almost 140 pounds. I weighed in this morning at 134. Amazing!

I am so excited that I am actually seeing results. I don’t physically notice a difference yet but other people keep telling me that it looks like I am losing some. I am so ready to start feeling confident in myself again… I feel like this product is really going to help me get there. My goal is to get to 120 pounds. I know I can not just depend on a pill to lose weight. I promise you guys that I will make it a point to start eating healthier every day. My goal is to make a total lifestyle change not just lose some weight. I have noticed that with this product I am able to have portion control. I have really had issues with portion control in the past so I think this product is great. I also love the fact that I have see no type of negative side effects while taking this product.

I feel very blessed that I was able to try this product through Tomoson. It has helped me jumpstart my goal. I look forward to waking up every single day and seeing results. I will recommend this product to everyone from now on. I will keep updating every week or so with my progress. You can also check out my YouTube channel, I have been posting updates on there as well. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel while you are at it. ;-) Thank you for reading my review on Life & Food Garcinia Cambogia. Let me know if you try it and update me on your results. I hope you will be as happy with this product as I am……… I am almost positive you will be though.

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Bedtime Bliss eye mask & ear plugs review

Have you ever just had nights where you toss and turn and you can’t fall asleep? Are you a light sleeper? Do you have a snoring husband or wife that keeps you awake night after night? Do you wake up every morning as soon as the sun starts beaming through the window?  WELL, If yes then I have found the PERFECT product for you. I was able to try this product through Tomoson and I am beyond happy that I did. I received this product about a week ago and I have used it every single night since. It truly is a wonderful combo and I think everyone should have it.

This product would be great for both men and women. The mask is adjustable so you don’t have to worry about it being to tight or too loose for you. It is easy to put on and take off. I have found that the mask is actually really comfortable and relaxing. It blocks out almost 100% of light and that has been very helpful. The only problem that I had was with the ear plugs and that was because I found that they were a little too long and kept falling out. I trimmed the ends a little with some scissors and it was an extremely easy fix, they have stayed in ever since.

Normally I have a difficult time going to sleep because the man who sleep next to me likes to snore. ;) I can barely hear him snore any more and I am able to get a peaceful nights sleep. I have recommended this product to several people already and I am also planning on ordering a few for some family members. They would make perfect gifts.

Get yours today. #bedtimebliss


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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.



Garcina Cambogia journey

I have reached the point in my life where all I want is to feel comfortable in my own skin. I no longer want to feel insecure or always be worried that people are going to be talking about how much weight I have gained. I know that I am not “obese” or “fat” but I am simply just uncomfortable with the weight that I am now. I want to be able to fit back in my clothes and not have to worry about my “love handles”, legs, and arms. Ever since I can remember I was known as being “petite” or tiny. When I was in my teens I could eat anything that I wanted, like most people that age can. I am now 25 and I can’t eat like I used too.

I will be the first to admit that I do not by any meals live a completely healthy lifestyle. I hardly ever work out and I only eat healthy ever so often. I have been eating healthy more now than I ever have in my entire life. I really want to not only get back to a weight where I will feel comfortable but I want to also make a complete lifestyle change. I would love to work out or do some sort of activity, even if it is that I just walk a mile a day. I also want to try to eat as healthy as possible.

Honestly, I would say that one of my biggest issues is over eating. Instead of eating small meals and having portion control, I find that I eat big meals. Sometimes I eat and then eat a little more until I feel a little sick. I need to get this under control now before it really gets out of hand as the years go by. I have taken Purely Inspired Garcina Cambogia in the past but it was a little $10 bottle that I purchased from Walmart. Along with eating healthy and the Purely Inspired Garcina Cambogia, I found that I did lose several pounds but I eventually stopped taking it.

I received a bottle of a new product from Tomoson to review by Life & Food called Garcina Cambogia Supreme that I am currently taking. I am on my second day and I feel great. I have found that this product has helped me with portion control. I find that I get full faster and I don’t eat as much. I am going to continue taking the product for the next few months and document my journey. As of today I weighed 139 and my goal weight is 125. I am 25 years old and I am nearly 5’5. I realize that living a healthy lifestyle takes commitment, hard work, and dedication. I am ready for all of the above.

I will update on my progress every so often and I will also be making/ posting videos on my YouTube channel.

BoxyCharm June Box

Boxycharm is by far one of my all time favorite subscription box services that I have ever been a part of. I get so excited when I find it sitting in my mail box just waiting for me to rip open and see what is inside. I feel like a little kid in a candy store every single time that I open up my box and see what goodies are inside. I have a special place in my heart for beauty products and this box is beauty galore. For only $21 a month you can get this box and normally there’s around 4- 5 full size beauty products inside. I have also received samples in my box as well and even those are great. I have found that not only does this box include a few drug store brand products here and there, they also include high end brands every so often. The retail value of the boxes each and every month are always soaring past what you pay to receive the box. Several times I have received a BoxyCharm box that was filled with products that together retailed over $100. This is an incredible company and I am truly honored that I get to have a box sent to me each month. Sign up and get your BoxyCharm box sent to you each month for a monthly price of just $21. I promise you, it is well worth the money. Plus you get to try out products before you buy them and if you are anything like me you will fall in love with 95% of them. Check out my YouTube video of me opening my June box. As always don’t forget to like, comment, and Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

BULU BOX (monthly subscription box) 50% off code

Are you healthy or want to get healthy??? Are you looking to lose weight? This monthly subscription box is PERFECT for you. Get yours 50% off now. You wont regret it.

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Offer: Monthly Subscription for $5 (regularly $10)
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Influenster UniVoxBox

     Well, Influenster did it again. Influenster always has the best boxes full of goodies and the best part is that the products are absolutely free. If you are not signed up on Influenster yet….. definitely go sign up. If you qualify for boxes, they will send you one, and you get to try out great products. After you try out the products they send you, you just write a review and share with your social media sites. I have been a fan of Influenster for years. I have been able to qualify for about 3 boxes or so and I have been completely satisfied each and every time. 

     The box that I was able to qualify for this time was the Uni VoxBox. This box was filled with goodies that I was able to use and enjoy. One of the things I love the most about Influenster is that you can try products before you buy them. This box came with: Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, Pilot Pen Acroball Pen, Impress Manicure set, Red Rose Tea Water Enhancers,  New York Color Expert Last Lipstick, and Playtex Sport tampons. 

     I absolutely LOVED every product that I was able to try and I don’t have one bad thing to say about any of them. Normally I don’t wear press on nails but I have to say I would purchase the Impress Manicure nails after being able to try them. They really are lovely and they lasted nearly a week.  I have not stopped using the Pilot Pen Acroball Pen that I received, I love the way it writes. The two beauty products that I received in this box, the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation and the NYC lipstick will definitely be products that I will recommend to others. I wasn’t sure if I would like the foundation but I actually loved it. The Red Rose Tea Water Enhancer was AMAZING, we got the black tea one, and it was delicious. Last but certainly not least, I received was the Playtex Sport tampons, I was impressed and I will be purchasing more of these. 


INFLUENSTER is the BEST. Sign up today.