Oflamn Backpack Review

010F2AB8-252D-4F3E-B94D-266211BD37F4.jpeg How stinking cute is this bag? I am obsessed. I needed to order a bag that would be great for bringing on vacation for my sons 3rd Birthday. We will be going to a park and I needed a bag that would be easy to carry. I also needed a bag that had enough space as I would need it to be pretty much a “diaper” travel bag for two kids. This is perfect for that. Not only is it adorable and the print right up my alley…. the bag is great quality. Very glad I ordered and would definitely recommend to others if you are looking for a travel bag or a backpack. They have other prints and colors as well. I was really impressed with the quality of this bag. It is not super thin, it is actually a pretty thick fabric. I love the pockets this bag has on this inside as well as the big one on the front. I also love the little details that this bag offers.. from the vibrant colors of the leaves to the brown fabric on the zippers. I am not sure if I would be able to get my husband to walk around an adventure park sporting this on his back but I’m sure he would if needed. I am happy I ordered and I am sure it will work just fine for our trip come April. I will be sure to post update pictures of us using it on our trip. My son loves wearing backpacks and although it is a little big for him he walks around the house wearing it on his back saying he is ready for the school bus. I will include the link below if you would like to order. #oflamn https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076K5QY86


Greens First Kids

Any of you moms and dads have picky eaters? I have two kids and one is definitely in the “picky eaters club”. One day he will love bananas and aspargus and the next he will act like there is no way he would ever eat something so disgusting. Recently we were sent some sample packets from Greens First Kids and my son LOVES them. When he loves something we most definitely will be buying it because that is rare. So far he has tried the chocolate and the original flavor. He also has a berry one but I am going to make his smoothie with that one. On the packet, it says to mix with 4-6 oz of water but I did almond milk instead. He absolutely loved both of them but he says his favorite is the chocolate. What kid wouldn’t right? I am excited that they make products like these so that as parents we don’t have to worry about our kids getting the nutrition that they need. We depend on giving him his daily multivitamin, which thankfully he likes. Each one of these mixes includes 30+ organic fruits, vegetables, superfoods, probiotics, and enzymes in every scoop (or packet). I will include the link to the YouTube video of this product as well as the link to purchase or try for yourself. #kidshealth #kidsnutrition




RORAIMA Light Weight Backpacking Reclining/Lounging Camping Folding Chair

Recently, we also had the chance to try out this comfy reclining/lounging chair. It has a headrest AND a footrest. Again, Judsen gave it his “thumbs up”. We all really like this chair and will be using this chair a lot. Jensen is 6’6 and fits in it comfortably. I will include the link below or search for Roraima reclining/lounging camping chair on Amazon. This chair comes with a bad with a shoulder strap so it is easy to carry. We originally wanted these chairs to bring camping with us but quickly realized these chairs are great for any occasion. They are comfortable and great to just unwind and it is a bonus that it has two cup holders to hold your ice cold beer or in my sons case a big glass of ice water or milk. The chair is easy to fold out and put away. We did another review recently on another one of these chairs but this one is different since it does have the reclining option as well as a footrest. I will include the link below to the product on Amazon. I will also include the link to our YouTube review. 23130454_10156874333962907_2300506688698932795_n (1)


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Lightweight Reclining Camping Chair by Linyco

Our son gave our new Linyco Roraima lightweight reclining chair one of his big “thumbs up” haha. (One day he will realize that is not his thumb) Can’t wait to take this bad boy on vacation in the camper with us and be able to lay back and relax. The chair only weighs 11lbs and is easy to set up and pack up. I will include the link in case you want to order one for your family too 🙂 It comes with a nice bag. The chair itself is easy to set up and put away. You can use it as a regular fold out chair or you can easily fold it back to recline. It is a much thicker material than most chairs so you don’t have to worry about it just ripping. We love the storage that this chair offers. We are super impressed and we are excited to bring it camping with us in the years to come. I will include the link to our YouTube video about this product as well as a link for you to purchase it if you wish. It ships super fast and we highly recommend it.

Lightweight Reclining Camping Chair by Linyco


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Cashe Alaska (purple knit hat) Review

I have really been LOVING the Cashe Alaska beanies lately and so has my husband. We have three so far and we love them all. I would have to say that this beanie is by far my favorite though. Not only is it super warm but it is adorable. I don’t have many “purple” clothes that will match it but I have learned that it looks cute with almost anything. It doesn’t get very cold much where I live but I definitely have worn this each time that the temperature does drop. The color is great and so is the quality. These beanies are affordable and they also ship very fast. I am excited to try out new colors in the future. I get compliments on these beanies every time that I wear one. You can easily purchase one for yourself on Amazon and I will include a link for you to do so. If you check out Cashe Alaska on Amaazon you will see that they do carry many different colors and styles. My husband and my two year old are also both able to wear these.

YouTube Review


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ADORABLE Confetti Balloons Review

I am pretty excited about these balloons, not just because they are pretty cool but because of why I needed them in the first place. Our sweet baby girl will be one in just two months. We started planning her birthday party and purchasing things already so that we (for once) will not be planning a party last minute. Our theme that we wanted to go with is “Wild Flowers..with a touch of unicorns” so I wanted to incorporate lots of different colors. I was planning on buying a bunch of solid color balloons in a variety of different colors until I came across these. These balloons are clear balloons filled with confetti of all colors inside.

These AOStar balloons are extremely affordable when it comes to quality and quanity. With this set, you get 15 latex balloons that are 12″. I love the look of these balloons and I know that they are going to go perfectly with her party. They are super easy to blow up and in order to get the confetti to stick to the insides of the balloon.. you can just rub it lightly on any fabric. It couldn’t be any easier and they couldn’t look any cuter. Once you get the balloon full of air whether it is from you or a helium tank, the valve acts as a seal so you don’t even have to tie it. Below is the link to my video that I posted on YouTube if you want to check it out. Subscribe to our channel where we review products. I will also include a link in case you want to purchase these for yourself. Great for any occasion.

AOSTAR Confetti Balloon Review



Culinary Couture Measuring Cup and Spoon Set Unboxing/ Review

A husband and I have been married for going on 11 years and until recently we have never owned a stainless steel measuring set. We have always been that couple that would buy a plastic measuring spoon and cup set. We have been through too many to count. Recently we got the Culinary Couture Measuring Cup and Spoon Set. This kit is a 13 piece set that includes 7 cups and 6 spoons. It is a stainless steel set and for that reason, we are excited about it. Never did I think that I would get excited about measuring cups and spoons.. but here we are excited about measuring cups and spoons. My husband and I are both happy to have a set that we will not have to replace due to things happening such as; melting in the dishwasher, losing little spoons in the sink because of one falling down into the disposal, and the measurement amount being rubbed off of the plastic over time. These issues can all be avoided due to this set being dishwasher safe and easy to clean. This set is also a stackable set with a removable ring so that you don’t have to worry about searching for each individual spoon/ cup because they can all stay together. Finally, the measuring amount will not rub off because in this set the measuring amount is engraved into each cup and spoon. These are heavy duty and great quality. Each spoon is thick (2mm to be exact) and that will help these spoons to not break or bend over time. So far, I am very happy with these and I am excited to use this in our kitchen for many years to come. Highly recommend. Below I will include my YouTube unboxing video as well as the link to purchase the set. #culinarycouture