Teething pendant

This Beabies teething pendant for free to review and Judsen loves it! He has been chewing on his hands non stop lately and he also chewed this thing like crazy when I let him try it. It has a long string on it and I wore it like a necklace while I sat with him and let him chew it. He is only 2 months old so I don’t think he is quite ready for teething yet but I can only imagine how much more he will love this thing once he is. It is 100% food grade silicone and dishwasher safe. #teethingpendant #Tomoson

Product description:

– Silicone Teether pendant (Black / Turquoise)
– Food Grade Silicone
– FDA approved
– No harmful chemicals
– Safe for baby

-Free of: BPA, PVC, Latex, Phthalates, Vinyl, Nitrosamines, Ruber, Lead, Cadmium and heavy metals

Order yours today!!! http://beabies.com/


*I did receive this product for free to review from Tomoson but this is my 100% HONEST review and opinions.

Easy Peasy Patches review and giveaway- 3 winners!

Have you or your children ever had a hole in your clothes that you wish you could cover with a patch but don’t want to dig out your sewing machine or iron? These patches are awesome because they are stick on and they stick to everything. They are also waterproof and machine washable. I love that you are able to just peel off the back, stick them, and go. The site has so many cute patch designs to choose from and kids will love them. You can cover a hole, decorate a bag, or shirt and personalize them with these super adorable and affordable patches. I plan actually making my sons white plain onsie Fourth of July ready with the super awesome American Flag patch that I received. Shop and get yours today!  http://easypeasypatches.com/ Also available on http://www.walmart.com

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*I did receive these products for free to review from Tomoson but this is my 100% HONEST review and opinions.

Gold and Silver Flash Tattoos by Voodoo Tattoo Review + Giveaway

I have seen women walking around with flashy tattoo’s that look like jewelry and I was very curious to try them myself. I was given the chance to try some gold and silver flash tattoos by Voodoo Tattoo for free from http://www.tomoson.com. At first, I honestly felt ridiculous at first when I was putting on a temporary tattoo like I did when I was a little kid. After I put on the tattoo I loved it. It really did look like I had on jewelry. I got many compliments and I can’t wait for my niece to come visit me this weekend so she can try them out.


Product Description

After you’ve been Voodoo Tattoo’d, we’d like you to post your thought on Amazon.

Product Description:
Shine like a goddess in seconds with the Voodoo Tattoo Goddess Set
-FAST – You’re sparkling in less than five minutes 
-EASY – Simple to apply and maintain 
-BEAUTIFUL – Turn heads, and shine like a Mitus Maiden 

Money Back Guarantee 
Simply Put – We want the purchase to work for you. If for any reason this product is not meeting your expectations, just send us a note and we’ll be happy to take care of you. 

GIVEAWAY!!!! If you would like to win a pack of these tattoo’s- Comment below answering the following question. I will choose a winner on 2/27/2015

Konjac Sponge Review + Giveaway

If I was to sum up my thoughts in one word about the La Lune Konjac Sponge, I would say WOW. I love this product. I have never tried a product like this before and I am very glad that I was given the chance to try it for free through http://www.tomoson.com. I would most definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a product that can help you achive your goal of getting not only smoother but brighter skin as well.


The first time I used my Konjac Sponge I soaked it in water and started to exfoliate. I really wanted to use this product to see if it would help minimize the amount of black heads and blemished, to my surprise it did. I would give this product 2 thumbs up.


Product Description

Brighten your skin with our 100% Pure Konjac Sponge! 
The La Lune Naturals Konjac Sponge gently exfoliates your skin and reveals a smoother texture and brighter looking skin. The natural konjac fibers massage away impurities and toxins in your skin. 
Brighter, smoother looking skin begins with our gentle exfoliating sponge that contains the essential minerals. When using our sponge you’ll see fewer blackheads and breakouts. 

Get 2 Sponges the Cost of One Sponge at a Retail Store! 
We offer an affordable 2 pack of our high quality sponges for less than you pay at a retail store. The sponges last from 2-4 months, so you can save time and money with our 2 pack! 

Environmentally and Animal Friendly 
The konjac sponge is made from the sustainable konjac plant, and is free of chemicals, parabens, sulphates and is biodegradable. Our sponge is cruelty-free and vegan. 

Special Flower Design 
Our konjac sponge has a special flower design cut-out to hold your soap while cleansing. 

FREE Suction Hook! 
Hang dry your konjac sponge with our easy-to-use suction hook! This is a must have convenience to keep your konjac sponge fresh and ready to use. 

FREE eBook, The Ultimate All-Natural Skin Care Guide 
The Ultimate All-Natural Skin Care Guide includes a simple 5-Step Skin care system recommended by dermatologists PLUS tons of free mask, scrub and wrap recipes for your skin!


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Seaweed Powder Review + Giveaway

I was given the chance to try this product for free through https://www.tomoson.com/

I don’t know about you but I know I love a good facial mask that makes you feel like you are at the spa. I am very glad that I was able to try this product and have the at home spa experience. The La Lune Naturals Seaweed (kelp) powder leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. Not only does this product leave your skin feeling fresh and fabulous it is also good for your skin. The La Lune Naturals Seaweed Powder has many beneficial vitamins, proteins, and minerals. My skin is not getting any younger and I am always willing to try a product that does the skin good and can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Product Description

Woman With Green Clay Mask At Spa

Product Description

Create a Spa Experience at Home with our Organic Seaweed Powder! 

Organic Seaweed Powder is a rich source of organic proteins, minerals and vitamins including vitamins B12 (not found in land plants), vitamin E, and other nutrients. When applied to the skin, Seaweed treatments act as a powerful detoxifier that draws out toxins and impurities while adding beneficial nutrients. It is said to have antioxidant properties that help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and it can be used to stimulate the body’s circulation which helps to minimize cellulite while infusing the skin with moisture for a healthy glowing skin. 


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Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door Review

My two dogs love being able to go in and out of the house as they please. I was able to try the Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door for free from https://www.tomoson.com/.  Once I received the product, I was concerned that it would not fit our door way good and I was concerned that it wouldn’t open and close properly. My worries and concerns quickly went away when I put it up and saw how great it worked. My dogs love it and the best part of it is that it keeps little bugs out of the house. Each time my dogs walk through the Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door it closes right behind them. I love how you can go through this screen door with your hands full, no problem. Are you are looking for a easy way for your dogs to go in and out without installing a doggie door or having to worry those irratating insects getting in? Buy yourself a Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door by Easy Install.  This product is only available in one size, please measure your door the maximum door opening (measuring from inside the frame) that the screen will fit is: 82” x 34” Measure the door opening and if it is bigger than the measurements than it will not function properly so make sure your door is the perfect size before ordering.


I am very happy that I was able to try this product so that I can share my review with others. I give this product TWO thumbs up!

Product Description

Mega Mesh
The best quality magnetic screen door by Easy Install

These Bug Screens are made to a high quality and are built to last.

What You’ll Get:

Unrivaled Quality

✓ Strong magnets sewn in, to provide seamless automatic closure
✓ High quality micro mesh keeps the smallest bugs out
✓ Easy install bug screens have been developed to stay up and withstand heavy traffic

Multiple Uses

✓ Can be used in all homes for effective pest control
✓ Great for use in RVs
✓ Fits easily where swing doors cannot fit

Benefits of Mega Mesh

✓ Magnetic hands-free entry
✓ Pet friendly access
✓ The low-cost way to economically cool your home
✓ Protection for your family from invading insects
✓ Easy installation
✓ Optional push-pin fixings included


Link to order this product on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Magnetic-Screen-Door-Construction–Retractable/dp/B00LLF7ZRO/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1423547278&sr=8-13&keywords=screen+door

Glow 2 Go Review & GIVEAWAY!

Are you searching for a product that can give you some color without going to a tanning bed or going to pay for a spray tan every few weeks? I was given the opportunity through Tomoson.com to try this product for free and I absolutely love it. I have always been afraid to use products that will give me an “instant tan” with the fear that it could possibly make me look orange. I have very light colored skin and it would be very easy for a product to look orange. I have definitley tried products in the past that I wasn’t impressed with. The Glow 2 Go product looks natural, it is easy to apply,and has fast results. I even gave a few packs to a friend of mine and she tried the product and LOVED it as well.


I used 2 towelettes and I was able to do my full body, if you wanted you could just use 1 towelette and do partial body.


Product Description

The Best Self Tanners (Sunless Tanning Lotion) Products in the USA!
Get ready to glow!
GLOW2GO is America’s brand new INNOVATIVE and most talked about sunless tanning towelettes.
This hip super saver pack of Glow2Go contains 20 (YES TWENTY!) individually wrapped premium towelettes which are perfect for sunless tanning at home or on the go.
We created this special box to also help you with storage! Our super-saver box comes with a special ‘press to open’ area that will enable easy pulling of one towelette at a time – WITHOUT opening the entire box! This will enable you to keep it in your closet under other products and stay organized. Yes, we try to think about EVERYTHING…
Each towelette is concentrated with our innovative self-tan formula that will produce:
• Even
• Streak Free
• Natural Looking Tan
• In less then 4 hours!
• You’ll Be Amazed With The Results!
You will look sexy and attractive anywhere, anytime! Take our towelettes with you on the road and when you travel and you don’t have to carry a big self-tanning lotion bottle.
To make sure you get the best out of your tanning experience, we will also send you our best selling guide “Self Tan Secrets” that is packed with all the facts and secrets you need to know about the wonderful world of self-tanning! This 50 page guide was researched and written by Thermalabs formula technicians.
We also give you 100% money back guarantee! We know you’ll never need it, but if for some reason you’re not 1000% amazed by the results – send us the box back and get a full refund!

Don’t Pretend to Suntan – Just Do It Right Now with Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!
Each towelette will produce Quick • Even • Streak Free • Natural Looking Tan • In less then 4 hours!
Price will go back up at the end of the month – so make sure you get a box today or get THREE and enjoy FREE SHIPPING!
Thermalabs is America’s best self tanning company producing nothing but the best self tanning products in the market
Sold EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon. If you have any questions about this product call Thermalabs Hotline 24/7 Toll Free (877) 266-6257

Glow 2 Grow Giveaway!!  <—— Simply click the link and follow the steps to enter!


Link to purchase this product on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Bestseller-Application-Towelettes-Super-saver-Guarantee/dp/B00NAIM3H2/ref=as_sl_pc_ss_til?tag=a1nesrevilove-20&linkCode=w01&linkId=ATFVLVVP3A2AKZ7D&creativeASIN=B00NAIM3H2

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