Soul Sound Magic bluetooth earbud review

So far, we have been impressed with these earbuds! We have been looking for an affordable earbud that isn’t too bulky. Jensen wears this earbud every day and has been liking it so far. He likes that it comes in a handy pouch that you can keep it in. He likes to wear his headset during the day for work and leaves it in his truck inside the pouch at night. He also likes that it is totally wireless and easy to charge. It comes with a USB charger that the magnetic earbud snaps right on to.. which is super convenient. It can pair with multiple phones. The battery life is about 6 hours unless you are listening to a lot of music throughout the day and then it cuts down to about 5 hours. It fits great in the ear. The only complaint about this product is that it does leave your ear feeling a little sore if you keep it in for several hours. 4 stars. Check out the link below if you want to purchase this earbud.



FUNERICA Seafood Toy Pretend Play Food review

Let’s face it… toddlers do not have the longest attention spans. Recently, we found something that our son loves. I kid you not, our son will literally sit and play with this set and his toy kitchen for a full hour. The set is a seafood pretend cutting food set by FUNERICA. We purchased my son a play kitchen and accessories last Christmas. He loves to pretend that he is making us meals. This kit is affordable and so far it seems like it is good quality. It doesn’t have any super small pieces so that I don’t have to stress about his sister (who is nine months old) getting ahold of it. He enjoys being able to use a knife and “cut” food and cook it like he see’s us doing daily. I love any toy that will keep my son occupied and will let his imagination run wild. I definitely recommend this super cute little pretend seafood cutting set. I will include the Amazon link below if you would like to check it out for a special kid in your life. If you purchase one, let me know how they like it! Hopefully they will as much as my son does.




Black CasheAlaska beanie review

Recently we ordered several beanies for my husband. Both of the beanies we ordered were from a company called CasheAlaska. We were super impressed with this brand and the quality of the beanies that we received. My husband really likes this black beanie especially since it is thin material and can easily be worn daily. Where we live does not get very cold often. It is fun to be able to wear a stylish beanie even on warmer days. We love how this beanie can be styled several different ways and can fit people of all ages. Our son is two and a half years old and he loves this beanie. In fact, he has worn at least one of the CasheAlaska beanies a day since we have had them. These beanies are affordable and can easily be purchased on Amazon. We ordered them and received ours within a matter of days. So far, this brand has made us some happy customers and we look forward to ordering more from this company in the future. Below I will include the links to browse what all this brand offers and you can also order you a beanie (or two).



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CasheAlaska Beanie for men and women

This beanie is not only warm but it is very good quality as well. Some beanies that we have ordered online in the past we were not very happy with, but this is not one of those purchases. We love how versatile the beanie is. You can wear it as a slouchy beanie or you can fold up the ends and wear it that way too. As a husband and wife, we really like that we can both wear this beanie and we can both style it different ways. Our two-year-old son has even been able to wear it and he absolutely loves it. It is affordable and definitely worth the purchase. We really like the color as well. We are looking forward to wearing this beanie this Fall as it starts to get cold out. Where we live, we don’t get to experience cold weather very often but we love to keep warm when we do. This beanie is not super thin and not super thick material, it is just right.  Looking forward to ordering in other colors as well. I will include the link below just in case anyone wants to order one.



Cute Reversible Yoga Headband for Women

I love headbands and wear them practically every single day. This is a great headband to enjoy yoga, a workout, or even for when you go for a quick run. It is also great for just casual everyday wear. It is silky soft and thin material and I love the fact that it is reversible. I recommend this headband for any woman, especially those that are active. I love headbands that don’t feel like they are going to move around on your head when you are working out or just going about the day. This headband feels like it is snug to your head and stays put. I am excited for it to get cold outside this Winter so that I can still be active but keep my head and ears warm. I give this a 4.5/5 stars and would purchase more in the future. It is affordable and easy for you to order. I will include the link below if you want to order one for you or someone special in your life.



Best teething toys ever (by Asani)

My daughter is 8 months old and has been teething like crazy lately. We have been searching for the perfect teething toys for her and we finally found them by Asani. The toys themselves are soft and flexible. I love that I don’t have to worry about my daughter hurting her gums on them while she is chewing away. She goes from one to another and chews on each of the toys. We have been told several times that she should be a model for the products as she makes them look like they are the best. Teething can be difficult and not only stressful for the child but for the parents as well. It is sad to see your baby hurting and not be able to help relieve the pain. She really seems to enjoy these toys and they seem to help her pain, which is a blessing. They are available on Amazon,  easy to order, and not to mention super affordable. Happy momma=happy baby! Highly recommend these teething toys for any teething baby.

baby teething toys by Asani.
FDA Approved
Bpa free
Latex free
Phthalate free
& Baby safe

Order yours now: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074XMKHM4



LuLaRoe or LuLaNo?

fullsizerenderMany people have heard of LuLaRoe. LuLaRoe is a clothing company that has been popular and has become an addiction to many people all around the world, especially to women. While they do carry more clothing for women they also carry things for men and children as well. This company has designed clothing that is appealing to all shapes and sizes. LuLaRoe is known for their soft “buttery” leggings and comfortable shirts, dresses, and maxi skirts.

Over a year ago, I was invited to an “online LuLaRoe party”… Immediately I said “can’t go” before I even knew what it was. It seems like these days so many people fall into selling things for companies like Advocare. Younique, Scentsy, It Works, etc. I am pretty sure I get invited to one of those “online parties” at least once a month. We have all heard the sales pitches and seen all of those products, am I right? Anyway, I kept seeing things come up about this company and their “buttery” leggings. As a mom, I love to be comfortable so one day I gave in a looked up LuLaRoe and next time I got a “online party” invite, I accepted. I fell in love with some prints and clothing but was scared to splurge not knowing if the clothes were really worth the money. Let’s face it 25$ for a pair of leggings plus shipping and tax can turn someone away pretty quick.

I started getting invited to some LuLaRoe Facebook groups and even adding myself to a few. One day I came across an outfit that I absolutely loved and decided to go ahead and spend the 60$ plus tax and shipping. Once I received my package… which took about four days.. I realized I was going to love this company. It was only a week until I made my next order. Fast forward to now, I have a closet full of Lula and I couldn’t be happier. With that being said, have I had some leggings have holes in them? Absolutely. Have I ordered something that I just wasn’t in love with when I received it? Absolutely. The good thing is that you can return your items within a certain amount of days so that is always helpful. I have to be completely honest that I am not always in love with the quality of every item I have received. I have has some disappointments in my bunch.

There are still so many collections that I have not yet tried. The collections that I personally own are; Carly, Classics, Irmas, Leggings, and Randys. I absolutely think they (especially the collections I have) are worth the splurge every now and then. If you see a print with a style you like, grab it and fast. This company doesn’t make many prints of each item so you are sure to be getting something unique and not something that you will see 5 other people also wearing on your daily errand to Target or the grocery store.  If you receive a damaged item, they will replace it for you. They also just partnered with Disney and have some great prints! So, as someone who likes to buy LuLaRoe and does NOT sell it…. Do I think LuLaRoe is worth the hype or is it worth it? To me, definitely!